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Social Media Marketing has grown in popularity considerably over the last several years. Business who want to stay on the cutting edge understands they must learn to harness the power of Social Media. Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are where a large percentage of your customers spend their time online. In fact, the average person now spends about 5 hours a day online, and half of that time is on Social Media Sites like FaceBook. It is easy to see the advantages gained by effectively communicating your businesses message here. In fact, there are some businesses who currently conduct 100% of their business on FaceBook alone.

Target marketing has never been easier or more effective. Today’s businesses understand that Social Media sites are an absolute gold mine and are using Social Media to spearhead their marketing and advertising efforts like never before. Here are some additional statistics concerning you may find interesting. Facebook claims they had surpasses 1.3 Billion active users. Twitter now has over 500 Million users. LinkedIn now has over 300 Million users and let us not forget about Google Plus now with over 540 Million users. Can you see why businesses are now using Social Media?

Social Media and Your Business

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to get in front of your customers in today’s economy. Social Media provides a new way for a company to communicate with their potential and current customers. Customers can share both their successes and failures with your companies products or services very easily. Companies how understand Social Media can showcase their passion and desire to serve a particular market by providing value and extraordinary customer service on these sites. Unfortunately, you can damage your companies reputation this way just as easily.

Social Media marketing is simple, but a lot of work will go into creating the network your business needs for success here. Once your network and campaigns are set up properly using and maintaining your network will be relatively easy. Social Media is an extremely powerful tool that WeRank Digital Marketing Agency can integrate into your business and quickly teach you how to use it to help your companies bottom line.

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