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Search engine optimization has become an essential part of a successful business marketing strategy in today’s internet driven economy. The Internet allows small businesses to compete on a global scale against competitors around the world regardless of size. The internet is far cheaper than the print, radio, or television advertising of old.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Search Engine Optimization does take some time to get you on top. You should see some movement in your rankings relatively quickly. SEO agencies consistently include performance reviews at various intervals so that we can measure our results and determine what needs to be done to improve. It is fair to note that your site may be getting the traffic but does not convert well. Data over time will enable us to make wise decisions that will significantly improve our results. SEO is a process, not a product you turn on and off.

Why is SEO important to YOUR Business?

Most people use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find products and services online, and this includes your local search results. Ultimately, you want your customers to find your business when they are conducting research for your products or services online. There are several ways to do this. One of the cheapest ways to get in front of your potential customers is through Search Engine Optimization. SEO (s) helps your website get found for the keywords that your customers use to locate your product or service online. If you are not using SEO in your marketing strategy then, you are most likely relying on more expensive alternatives like Pay Per Click, print, radio, or possibly even TV.

Why Improve Your Search Rankings:

Most people only look at the top 1-4 search results on the 1st page of their favorite search engine. The most famous one being Google. You can see, being at the top of the search engines is incredibly important if you are hoping to gain any business from your website or other web properties.

There are many factors that determine what search results show up and which ones do not. To simplify things, we here at WeRank will tweak your site and help the search engines find and understand what is on your site. To be on top of page 1, you must develop trust and authority in your target market.

Results that leverage your position

Quality SEO can establish your company as a leader in the market you are targeting. Creating a platform that your customers can quickly find when they are ready to buy, is extremely powerful. The platform will also help you determine how much demand there is for your product or service allowing you to make critical decisions that will help your business grow.


SEO helps places your brand in front of the customers looking for your product or service. While SEO in itself will not be your brand, it will indeed allow your company to present great content and offers that convert your sites visitors to customers. Increased brand recognition tends to lead to more sales.

A few more things about to consider…

Website Structure

One aspect to SEO that many companies miss when optimizing their site is website structure. One of the services we offer restructures your website to be more of a content hub the search engines love. Having the correct structure allows you to develop trust and authority in your market. The increased trust and authority leads to more traffic and ultimately more sales.

SEO is just a piece of the equation.

SEO is dependent on content and its strategic use. It seems the search engines like sites that grow and are continually updating the content on their site including articles, graphics, and of course video. Email Marketing Campaigns can greatly enhance your site’s conversion rate. Blogging and sharing the material on Social Media Channels also improves the results you will receive. SEO, while crucial to your online marketing strategy it is just a piece of the equation.

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