Our Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Services Are Not For Every Business.

Our Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Services Are Not For Every Business.2018-05-19T00:18:07+00:00

We will provide you with a FREE Video Analysis of your website within 72 hours of submission!

We choose who we work with very carefully. In order to be considered for our service, you must meet the following minimum criteria. We will not take on any new projects that directly compete with a current client. Our goal is to help your business gain an unfair advantage in your market, and we know there can only be one #1.

One of the steps that help you lock out your competition is completing this discovery form. Before you spend time completing this form, please make sure; your company meets these minimum requirements below.

Your company must already have:

1. An Active and Healthy business. Our services are for companies that want to move faster and have the necessary resources to do so. We do not work with the following types of business:

  • Get Rich Quick
  • Adult Material
  • Startups

2. A consistent flow of current business which means you are getting some traffic and making sales already. You are likely running ads, marketing, and selling your services. Your company does not have to be well known.

3. You must have a solid business reputation. We are going to assist in making more sales and profits… We expect to follow through and provide the services promised. We promise to extend the same courtesy to you.

That is it! If you qualified, enter your details below to complete the discovery application and lock out your competition. It is not a big deal. This merely allows us to understand what you are looking to accomplish. Once we receive your information, we will call you to schedule time to discuss your particular situation and the steps required to reach your goals. This call will take between 45 and 60 minutes.

I agree and would like to complete the Discovery Form