AquaOx, A Genius Water Filtration Company

AquaOx, A Genius Water Filtration Company

AquaOx Bull LogoAt we care about the health and well-being of others. Because of that, we are thrilled about working with AquaOx, a water filtration company with a unique water filter with zero maintenance and makes your tap water more clean for consumption. We look forward to being a part of their success.

Explanation Of Why You Should Drink Filtered Water

Water is the most abundant substance in our body. It’s essential in the composition of all organisms, it takes part on almost all of our vital functions as digestion, absorption, and transportations of nutrients, also on chemical reactions, it decreases the toxic compounds of our body.

It’s the base of the blood and secretions that keep several organs lubricated. Besides water makes your skin elastic and soft, when we get older our skin gets wrinkled because of the increased consumption of water from our bodies.

Now that you know that water is a very important component of our body, the least we can do is make sure to feed our body with the purest form of water possible. The tap water in your home is still susceptible to contaminants like high levels of nitrates, magnesium or iron, chlorine, lead and other harmful contaminants besides bacterias. Some studies indicate that consuming these types of contaminants may lead to development of some types of cancer.

Radionuclides are radioactive elements such as uranium and radium. They may be present in underlying rock and ground water. Radon is a gas that is a natural product of the breakdown of uranium in the soil and can also pose a threat. Radon is most dangerous when inhaled and contributes to lung cancer.


The AquaOx filtration system removes chlorine, Trichloroethylene (TCE), Tetrachloroethene and Hydrogen Sulfide (the rotten egg smell in your water) besides the bacterias and other minerals with the advantage of zero maintenance. Just set it up at the point of entry for your home’s water supply and enjoy great tasting water from every tap in your house for years to come. It’s a very easy way to take care of your health!

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